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Pay most of your vehicle costs with tax-free salary

Pay most of your vehicle costs with tax-free salary

How does novated leasing work?

Each pay cycle an agreed vehicle budget is deducted directly from your pay using a mix of pre-tax and post-tax salary. The deductions cover all your vehicle finance and running costs including fuel, servicing, insurance, tyres and registration.

Novated leasing is a simple, tax effective way to pay for a car that, in most cases, works out cheaper than cash, car loans or mortgage finance.

Why choose a novated lease?

Do you currently pay these vehicle expenses? If so you could save thousands with a novated lease.


How much will you save?

Try the novated lease calculator

Benefits of a novated lease

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    Reduce the tax you pay

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    No GST to pay on the vehicle purchase

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    Access to fleet discounts

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    Easy budgeting with all costs in one simple payment

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    Usually cheaper than other finance options

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    Get into your dream car sooner