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Salary package your vehicle and save thousands

Salary package your vehicle and save thousands

What is a novated lease?

A novated lease is a financial arrangement used to salary package a vehicle. It means your employer pays a portion of your ongoing car costs using your untaxed salary – so amounts you would normally pay as tax instead go towards funding your car!

With a novated lease you can choose a new or second hand vehicle. You can even take out a novated lease on a car you’re currently driving.

Because you are accessing tax-free salary, a novated lease can save you thousands on the purchase price and running costs of your vehicle. You enjoy the convenience of cashless motoring, plus fleet discounts and deals on finance, fuel, maintenance and repairs.

Novated leasing benefits

Tax savings

Because you access pre-tax salary to pay your vehicle costs, the income tax you pay is reduced.


GST savings

You don’t pay any GST on eligible new vehicle purchases and only partial GST may be paid on vehicle running costs.


Fleet discounts

Take advantage of our buying power and receive discounts on your car, servicing and maintenance.


Fee-free fuel cards

Enjoy cashless motoring and fill up at over 3200 Australian service stations with fee-free fuel cards.


Easy budgeting

All your vehicle costs are covered by one easy payment straight from your pay!


Easy tracking

Stay up to date with your lease and submit claims on your smart device with the LeasePLUS app.

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