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What is novated leasing and salary packaging?

Your employer may give you the opportunity to tailor your salary package, which means you can increase the value of every dollar you earn by reducing the amount of income tax you pay.

Novated leasing allows you to salary package the cost of owning and operating your motor vehicle. Not only does it save on income tax, you will also save on GST and your overall costs by accessing fleet discounts under our buying power.

Our role is to set-up and administer your novated lease to make it an easy and convenient way for you to save money.

How does it work?

  • Speak to a LeasePLUS consultant
  • Choose your next vehicle
  • Take advantage of the fleet discounts available using our buying power
  • Save on GST you normally pay when buying a car
  • Take advantage of fleet discounts on your ongoing servicing and maintenance
  • Save on GST you normally pay on your ongoing servicing and maintenance
  • Let us do all the work and take care of all the transactions
  • Drive your safe novated lease vehicle and save thousands through salary packaging

The LeasePLUS way

  • 1.
    We make your life easy
    • One number to call for anything related to your car
    • You don't have to go into a dealership
    • We'll pay for everything on your behalf
    • Online tools
  • 2.
    We manage expections
    • We educate you on options
    • We are clear and transparent on our quotes
    • We keep you updated throughout the process from quote, order, vehicle delivery and throughout the life of your lease
  • 3.
    Access our buying power
    • Access to fleet discounts on the purchase of your next car
    • Access to fleet discounts for your servicing & maintenance needs
    • Access to vehicle insurance options for peace of mind
  • 4.
    Ongoing savings
    • Pre-tax deductions from pay to reduce your income tax
    • Upfront and ongoing GST savings
    • Fuel discounts by using our range of fuel cards
    • Rewards program
  • 5.
    • Apps and information available at your fingertips
    • Claim expenses and request payments straight from our app
    • View your activity, spend and account balance in real time

Easy as 1-2-3-4

  • 01
    Step 01
    Contact us
    Contact a LeasePLUS consultant to discuss your options and request a quote.
  • 02
    Step 02
    Accept your quote
    If you are happy with the cost savings that will apply to you, simply sign the quote and return it to LeasePLUS.
  • 03
    Step 03
    Complete your application
    You will be sent the finance contracts to sign 48 hours prior to vehicle delivery.
  • 04
    Step 04
    Collect your car
    Once we receive the signed finance contracts the dealership will contact you to arrange vehicle delivery. It’s that easy!