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What is novated leasing and salary packaging?

Your employer may give you the opportunity to tailor your salary package, which means you can increase the value of every dollar you earn by reducing the amount of income tax you pay.

Novated leasing allows you to salary package the cost of owning and operating your motor vehicle. Not only does it save on income tax, you will also save on GST and your overall costs by accessing fleet discounts under our buying power.

Our role is to set-up and administer your novated lease to make it an easy and convenient way for you to save money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A novated lease is a finance option that allows you to salary package your next car and running costs from your pay. It is the most convenient way to own and operate your own private vehicle and saves you money at the same time.

  • To save money on an expense you already have! The main benefits are:

    • Income tax savings from pre-tax salary deductions
    • GST savings on the upfront purchase of a car
    • GST savings on the ongoing running costs of your car
    • Fleet discounts on new car purchases
    • Ongoing fleet discounts on your servicing, maintenance and tyres
    • Fuel discounts
    • Convenience! The lease includes finance and running costs on your vehicle with payments coming directly out of your pay
  • In most cases, yes! You can have a novated lease for yourself, your spouse or partner and even kids. It does come down to your employer’s policy so talk to us to find out more.

  • A novated lease includes the finance on your car and the running costs. You’ll have a budget for fuel, servicing, maintenance, tyres, registration renewals, comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance. Basically, all the expenses you would normally pay from your own pocket, is budgeted for in the novated lease making budgeting easy

  • New, second hand, your existing vehicle! There are age restrictions of second-hand cars and minimum financed amounts. Talk to our consultants to find out more.

  • A residual value is the amount owing at the end of your lease term and includes GST. The residual is determined by your lease term and guidelines set by the Australian Taxation Office. You’ll need to pay the residual value at the end of your lease in order to take full ownership of the car, or you can refinance the residual amount and keep the lease going for an additional term.

  • We look at your lease term and the kilometres you expect to travel and formulate a budget for your running expenses. If your circumstances change and you find yourself driving more or less kilometres, we can revise the budgets to suit your circumstances.

  • You will have access to an online portal and App so information on your account is available at your fingertips. We also monitor your expenditure throughout the life of your lease and may contact you to re-align your budgets.

  • Call us! The easiest way to book is by calling us on 1300 13 13 16 or emailing [email protected]. We have relationships with suppliers nationwide, negotiate on your behalf and pay the invoice for you from your account balance.

  • Call us! The easiest way to book is by calling us on 1300 13 13 16 or emailing [email protected]. We have relationships with suppliers nationwide, negotiate on your behalf and pay the invoice for you from your account balance.

  • Call us! If your circumstances change, we can reforecast your budgets based on the remaining lease term.

  • The novated lease will end on the last day of your employment, so it is important to be prepared.
    If you are looking to leave your employer, it is important to let us know so we can outline the options available:

    • Transfer your lease to your new employer
    • Move to a finance lease if you are between jobs – you’ll pay the running costs from your own pocket. When you return to work you can simply renovate the lease with your new employer
    • Payout your lease
  • At the end of your lease we will contact you to discuss your options:

    • Trade in or sell your car and upgrade to a new vehicle
    • Refinance the residual amount owing on your car
    • Payout the residual value and take ownership of the car
  • Fringe Benefits Tax is a tax that your employer pays for benefits provided to you in lieu of salary or wages. Under a novated lease or salary packaging arrangement, FBT is usually passed onto you, as the employee receiving the benefit. Under a novated lease the Employee Contribution Method is often applied to offset any FBT. There are various ways to manage FBT depending on your employer and the industry you work in.

  • The Employee Contribution Method allows you to make post-tax payments towards the novated lease to offset FBT. This is the most common method used but is dependent on your employer and the industry you work in.