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Disclaimer: Please note the above calculation is to be used as an illustration of the potential savings that is based on the information you have provided. For a complete analysis of the savings available through a Novated Leasing please use the 'Enquire now' function and one of our Consultants will contact you directly. Importantly the information provided and subsequent calculations above are to be used as a guide and aide in determining the potential savings for someone who may choose to take a Novated Leasing. It is not to be used as a substitute for external independent financial and taxation advice. LeasePLUS Operations Pty Ltd does not guarantee the accuracy of these calculations above. Tax rates and tax laws may also change in the future, which will affect the accuracy and validity of the information and calculations. LeasePLUS will accept no responsibility for financial decisions based on the use of this information and calculations.

Calculations for lease payments
Net vehicle price $
Stamp duty
Drive away price
Finance amount (inc brokerage)
KLM Term
RV $
RV %
Int rate
FBT Capital value
Finance payment
  Monthly Annually
Management fee
LeasePLUS running costs
Total Rental- ex GST
Sub total
TOTAL Monthly
POST tax
  Weekly Total
TOTAL Monthly $
post tax inc GST $
pre tax INC GST $
pre tax EX GST $
Pay comparison calculator Without lease Including lease Without lease Including lease
Gross Salary  
Lease Payment PRE Tax  
Taxable income
Tax payable Incl Medicare
Lease Payment POST Tax  
After tax income  
  Effect To Net Pay
  Tax Savings on Vehicle

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