About us

LeasePLUS provides novated leasing solutions.

Our experience since 2001 makes us one of the most mature and capable organisations within the industry.

Our experience and reputation have given some of Australia’s largest employers the confidence to entrust us with providing their employees with options to maximise their income.

Our Leadership Team
Aytunc Tezay
Leigh Penberthy
Simon Ellis
Aytunc Tezay
Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director
(February 2001 - present)

LeasePLUS Group Chairman and Managing Director Aytunc is among Australia’s leading novated leasing and salary packaging experts. Whilst instrumental in creating systems, processes and products associated with LeasePLUS, Aytunc now focuses on strategic management, product development and mentoring.

Leigh Penberthy
Chief Commercial Officer
(October 2011 - Present)

As 35-year industry leaders, Leigh has served the Australian leasing and salary packing industry since its inception and he applies his experience to drive industry growth and innovation in customer service, sales, operational efficiency and brand reputation. Leigh has worked closely with politicians and other key stakeholders to discuss, highlight, debate and promote the core issues relating to the novated lease and salary packaging industry, its constituent members and clients.

Simon Ellis
Chief Relationship Officer
(February 2019 – present)
Simon is an FBT and salary packaging technical specialist, having worked as an employment tax advisor within the ‘Big Four’ accounting/advisory firms over the past 20 years. Simon knows the rules around all the salary packaging opportunities and - more importantly - knows how to translate them into English! He will help design a benefit education and promotions program specific to your business, and will work with your team to make sure all employees have the opportunity to enjoy the tax savings available.