About us

LeasePLUS provides novated leasing solutions.

Our experience since 2001 makes us one of the most mature and capable organisations within the industry.

Our experience and reputation have given some of Australia’s largest employers the confidence to entrust us with providing their employees with options to maximise their income.

Our Story

As an Australian owned and operated company, LeasePLUS has made a significant investment in technology to create advanced systems across its broad range of products and services. This strategic investment in technology makes LeasePLUS a market leader, delivering client centric solutions with a minimum of fuss.
LeasePLUS opened its doors in 2001 with the same values that still drives the organisation today; quality, respect, growth and courage. This has translated the business into one that focuses on delivering a stress-free process for clients looking to secure a new vehicle, with long term cost-savings with further additional benefits.
Since our launch, LeasePLUS has grown its reputation across a range of industries including healthcare, emergency services and other corporate sectors, where we have developed strong and long-lasting relationships with some of Australia’s largest employers.
It is our industry leading customer service to both the employers and their employees that remains the major platform for our ongoing growth and success.

Our Philosophy

'Less is More' is an approach to life that removes the unnecessary stress and worries of today's world, leaving you with more time to fully live your life.
We use this approach to simplify the leasing process and remove the hassle of running and financing your car, leaving you with more time to do what you want.

Our Mission Statement

Company objectives

To achieve this leading customer service position, LeasePLUS makes a commitment to working within the following themes:
Innovation: LeasePLUS regularly reviews the performance of our systems, our finance providers, our vehicle suppliers, and our product offering to ensure it remains at the leading edge of technology and value as it relates to our customer needs.
Customer service: LeasePLUS constantly reinforces our outstanding customer service commitment by creating a culture within the business that keeps staff focused on the customer experience.
Professionalism: Every engagement that LeasePLUS has with our key stakeholders, including customers, employers, service providers, and industry colleagues, must be managed professionally. This is delivered through all of our communications and technical knowledge in the context of supporting the vision, mission, and values of LeasePLUS.
Team work: Every staff member at LeasePLUS supports their colleagues in helping them deliver a customer experience that meets the vision, mission, and values of the organisation.

Our Values

The daily work of LeasePLUS is underpinned by four strong values that explain the motivation of staff to succeed in this competitive market. These values are:
To provide meaningful information, to ensure customer satisfaction in each engagement.
To value the individual, to encourage ideas and opinions, and to foster a balanced lifestyle.
To commit to personal and professional growth by building working relationships with colleagues and customers, and in the setting of personal goals.
To be willing to work with change in the pursuit of product and service improvement and excellence.